Tim Batchelor
Consultant Thoracic Surgeon
Francis Bonnet
Head of department of anaesthesiology
René Horsleben-Petersen
Consultant Thoracic Surgeon
Jalal Assouad
Head of Department of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery. Hospital Tenon- Paris.

ERAS in thoracic surgery: state of the art
Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 7:30 PM ( GMT+1 )

Introduction to ERAS and fast track thoracic surgery
Preoperative phase
Patient education
Smoking cessation
Pulmonary rehabilitation and prehabilitation
Preoperative fasting and carbohydrate treatment
Perioperative phase
Perioperative phase
Perioperative phase
Regional anaesthesia and pain relief
Perioperative fluid management
PONV control
Surgical technique
Postoperative phase
Chest drain management
Early mobilisation
Summary and close
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ERAS in thoracic surgery: state of the art

The 9th of November 2017 join us for the round table with experts

One hour and a half of live presentations and debate with expert The faculty: Jalal Assouad, Tim Batchelor, Francis Bonnet, René Horsleben Petersen.